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Shae Motz - The Devil

With a background of illustration, painting and a career in design. Shae’s portfolio is filled with striking, surreal and some would say deranged artwork. Whether it’s tattoos or fine artwork pushing the barriers is her playground. Shae tattoos out of BOSS tattoos in Calgary and excels at tattooing organic custom pieces of animals and florals ... with a twist

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James Tex - Death

James has been tattooing for over 20 years. Although he is known mostly for his Japanese work, James creates a wide range of all styles. Here is a rare pic of him smiling.

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Antony Fleming - Chariot

An English Tattoo artist who moved to Canada and opened up the famed Six & Grace Tattoo shop in Calgary, Canada. Specializing in neo traditional styles, he shares his colorful portraits, nature scenes, and animal images through Instagram for his over 90,000 followers.


Jessica Wright - The Magician

Jessica is Capital Tattoos stiletto wearing, axe throwing, ultra vixen. She brings a distinctive and artistic eye to her tattoo work and is very versatile in her style.


Adam Kathrens - The Fool

Adam was a tattoo shop hang around mainstay until getting an apprenticeship over 15 years ago. Still known as "the kid" Adam's style has evolved over the years into an amazing animal tattooer with a eye for composition


Craig Fenrick - High Priestess

Widely considered Canada's top portrait artist, Craig spent many years working his craft in Saskatoon before moving to Calgary,


Damien Robertson - The Hermit

Damien is known in the tattoo community for some of the best work out there but also for being a great human. Damien is ex-military and still supports them through food drives for veterans and information on PTSD


Dan Cameron - The Hierophant

Dan is the owner of Ambassador Tattoo in Calgary. He has been tattooing for over 15 years and has never stopped growing as an artist. His style range is so wide his work does not fall into 1 category.


Nikki Smith - Lovers

Nikki studied painting and art at the University of Calgary. Her style leans more toward the illustrative and expressive side of the medium rather than traditional tattooing. She is also know for some provocative painting, making her an great choice for the Lovers card.


Kyla Evans - The Empress

Kyla has been a tattoo artist going on her 8th year now. She is known for bold colours and beautiful nature tattoos. You can find her at Altar tattoos in Calgary AB.


Shane Ford - Temperance

Shane is very well known for his amazing sketch and draw ability. With a seemingly endless supply of drawings in his book, Shane has produced some of the best Japanese and illustrative tattoos in Alberta.


Belle Jorden - Front of Card

Belle has been very busy! She recently immigrated to Canada and opened the very trendy Six & Grace tattoo shop with her husband. Along with learning her new craft, Belle is internationally known for her style and makeup tutorials.


Caige Baker - The Moon, The Emperor

You can usually find Caige at the Brindle Room always at work, with a smile and a kind word for everyone. Caige's style is heavily influence by American Traditional, but you can clearly see in his work that he adds his own flair to the style.


Melissa Bennett - The Sun

Melissa is a well know Neo-Traditional tattooer in Calgary. She takes on all size projects both colour and black & grey. Subjects range from horror to the Simpsons!

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Whitney Thompson - The Tower

Whitney has a wide ranging portfolio that is open to all styles with a flair for some fun. Bright bold colours or B&G is good with Whitney.


Devin Boutcher - Justice

Devin is into his 13th year of tattooing. Devin covers a range of styles and is known for deep saturation and strong crisp line work.


Johnny Le - Hanged Man

Known for his deep dark tones, lots of black and horror themes! Johnny has a chilling style that has made him very popular for horror, occult and other frightening images


Malinda GG -Judgement

In her 4th year of tattooing, Malinda has left her mark on the scene in Calgary. Very unique drawings, crisp clean tattoos and a definite sense of humour.


Kennedy Knight- The Star

In just her second year tattooing, Kennedy has already made a name for herself doing botanical and illustrative tattoos in Calgary. An avid painter in her free time, Kennedy is inspired by scientific illustrations!


Daniel Armitage - The World

Specializing in a Hyper Realism and Surrealism, Daniel loves to replicate detailed dynamic photography focusing on contrast capturing the emotion and the rich textures to make each tattoo look like a photograph on skin. 


Anthony Tex - Strength

Anthony was raised in a tattoo shop! You can hear stories about his passion for tattooing that date back to his teenage days drawing roses at the shop. Today, Anthony is an internationally known artist that is producing some of the best work in Canada


Sydney Dyer - Wheel of Fortune

Sydney is the owner of the Brindle Room in Calgary, the only tattoo shop that looks like a high end antiques boutique and is managed by a registered service dog, Bambi!

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The Devil

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